A retro and multiplayer version of the classical Gauntlet


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Hammerwatch is a role and action game with a retro aesthetic that follows the basic premise of the classical Gauntlet. It also has certain elements that will remind the player of Magicka, and offers an experience full of dungeons, skeletons, swords, and spells for one, two, three, or four players.

Our objective in the game is very simple: enter dungeons to kill anything that's moving and take all the treasure we can. You can carry out this complicated mission either alone—choosing one of the classes (warrior, rogue, magician)—or in a team with the help your friends.

The dungeons are generated randomly, which means you'll never play the same round twice. Furthermore, you will find a large variety of traps, puzzles, and enemies, which will come in endless hoards to try and terminate your character.

The game's graphics have a retro aesthetic that suits the game really well. Also, thanks to the animations and the fluidity of effects like magic or fire, the game never seems old-fashioned, just classy.

Hammerwatch is a very entertaining game that takes a rather old production like Gauntlet and turns it into a very entertaining and modern videogame that you can enjoy just as much on your own as well as with a few friends.
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